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Rituals of Ayurveda Holiday Gift Review

I had a plan to spend time pampering myself this weekend while my husband was away with our kids. I was going to get in a little shopping, treat myself to lunch or dinner, or both, then come home to use The Rituals of Ayurveda Tryabox that I received to review. My plans were slightly thwarted because my daughter was sick. She had to stay home and my well deserved solo weekend was now a happily shared mommy/daughter one.

Surprisingly, after spending Saturday morning at urgent care and the afternoon in the pharmacy waiting on her prescription (I was in there so long I felt like I worked a shift) I, well we, still got our pampering in. We stopped at the market in the morning for her favorite breakfast food. Bacon! We also picked up a few other things to make her feel better, including popsicles, cookies and orange juice. A girl needs her snacks!

Before her nap we opened the Rituals box and dove in to something rather luxurious. The Rituals of Ayurveda which totes the principle of balance living is just what us girls needed. The gift box consisted of a shower foam, shampoo, body cream and dry oil. The smell is divine and each product made our skin feel so soft and smooth. The shower foam has a very rich, creamy lather and rinses of clean. Our skin is soft to the touch leaving behind the scent of indian rose and sweet almond oil. The body cream with notes of indian rose and himalaya honey spreads easily for a soft, non-dry feel. My favorite is the dry body oil with it's mixture of sweet almond oil and basil! It smells great, and makes my skin feel silky without a greasy residue left behind. I will be shopping for a bigger bottle. ULTA Beauty, I'm coming! I'm putting these sample sizes aside for my upcoming birthday trip!

"Happiness can be found in the smallest of things!" This is what's written on the Ritual's gift box. I'm happy that my daughter and I get to have mommy/daughter days periodically. Usually neither of us is sick, yet it was still a lovely day! I love that I got to share my Rituals box with my baby girl too. A girl is never too young to begin self-care.

By the way, we also got in a tiny bit of retail therapy for some fall clothing!

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