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It's a Laiki Rice Cracker and Roots Hummus Party!

Two things I love are a good party and a good snack. What I love even more is when that good snack is at the party! Well, that happened this past weekend. I was given the task to do two things. One, host a 75th birthday celebration for my parents which coincided with my second given task of hosting a Laiki Rice Cracker and Hummus Party!

It was like a dream come true. Of course, I love my parents, and I absolutely love the combination of Laiki Rice crackers and Roots hummus. Merging the two was a no brainer and everyone had a fabulous time.

Let me explain why I love Laiki Rice Crackers and Roots Hummus. First, they are both a 100% gluten free snack. I need this because my reaction to gluten lately is bloating and I don’t want that. Roots Hummus is also all natural with no preservatives, non-GMO and 100% delicious. A nice variety of flavors including my favorites Mango Siracha, Lima Bean, and Spinach along with Hot Chipotle, Black Bean, Thai Coconut Curry and more. I think I’ve had them all and they are good! Such a smooth texture and great flavor.

Laiki Rice Crackers came into my life fairly recently. It’s one of the best crackers I’ve ever tried. This is nothing like the average rice cracker I remember. It’s full of flavor and a wonderful crunch. According to Laiki, the secret flavor burst is from black and red rice from Thailand. I tried the Red Rice with Cracked Black Pepper for the first time this weekend and wow is all I can say. Nope, I couldn’t and didn’t eat just one. I was already hooked on the Red Rice Cracker with Sea Salt. Oh, the Black Rice Cracker with vegan cheese was a party hit among the non-vegans!

Laiki and Roots are my forever snack combination! Try them out and let me know how you like them.

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