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***During this time, Orange Groove Pilates Studio is actively practicing physical distancing, and to keep you moving we are hosting LIVE ONLINE CLASSES. You can still get the benefit of being in the studio as I guide you through effective movements to keep you active. Check our schedule for daily classes and sign-up today! Virtual drop in and economical class packages are available. Use the coupon code FREETOGROOVE for a free virtual class of choice! We will move! We will sweat! We will get stronger together!


In the repetitive actions that we do daily, how often do we realize that our core is responsible for doing that action successfully? Walking, turning, standing, bending, etc. It’s not until the action is too painful or difficult to accomplish that many of us begin to take notice, and focus on building core strength.


The fact that our arms, legs, or back become weak is a signal that our abdominals are weak also. In everything we do we need the stability of our core to successfully engage in functional movement. Improving well-being is more than just a fitness decision, it’s a lifestyle commitment.


Classes and personal sessions at Orange Groove Pilates provide an excellent opportunity to do the above. Every class gains its foundation from the movement principles developed by Joseph Pilates. Breathing and physical movement are coordinated leaving behind improved focus and concentration without mental strain. In return, you will be able to do everything better!

Orange Groove Pilates is Brunswick, Georgia's premiere Pilates Fitness Studio and the home to the only Pop Pilates Instructor and PIIT28 Instructor in the area. Attend a live group class, schedule a private session, attend a workshop, or workout online!  Whichever you choose, come ready for a groovin' time on the mat! Click below to reserve YOUR spot!



"Physical fitness is the first requisite to happiness." Joseph Pilates


Mat Pilates is a mind-body format that elevates your mood, invigorates your mind, and makes you stronger without undue body fatigue. Pilates Core is the foundation to your Pilates practice. Each beginner to intermediate exercise focuses on strengthening your core, stretching your muscles and leading you to improved flexibility, cardio endurance, body coordination, better posture and balance. In Pilates Move we up the cardio level adding intermediate to advanced exercises making stronger abdominals, arms, hips, legs and back. With a diversity of exercises, modifications can be made to feel good and fit into every healthy lifestyle.


Choose from 4 signature classes, (Amazing Arms & Abs by PIIT28, Ultimate Booty Lift by PIIT28, Fat Burn Machine by PIIT28, and Abs of Envy by PIIT28) for a Pilates Intense Interval Training Class that blends unmatched core sculpting effects of Pilates with the powerful fat burning power of HIIT.  Lose fat not muscle and improve your endurance in under 30 minutes!


A total body, equipment-free group fitness workout focused on resistance and cardio training. Each class infuses popular music to make it a grooving mat workout.  Pop Pilates targets small and large muscles individually, and you leave collectively feeling good all over. Sleep well tonight because your body feels good.


POUND is total body cardio all the time! Sweat to the music you hear and groove to the beats you make in this total body toning workout. POUND uses Ripstix,  lightly weighted drumsticks engineered specifically for exercising, to provide a fun workout designed for all fitness levels, ages, and abilities.

"TEASER"-upcoming events
Momentum Fest
Fri, Jun 26
Denver, Colorado
Jun 26, 7:00 AM MDT – Jun 28, 3:00 PM MDT
Denver, Colorado
I am an Ambassador for this event . Join me at this massive Pilates and Movement Celebration!

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