Dancing Women

Pilates and Perception

The 12-week program infusing mindfulness and movement to help overextended women release tension for energy (Pilates), find your inner calm (Essential Oils), live and love in the moment (Mindfulness). Book a free call below to learn more. 




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Rock Balancing

Mindfulness Meditation Sessions

Body Scan 55 min

Tune into your body to help manage chronic pain, reduce anxiety and stress, while getting better sleep.

Mantralates 75 min

The perfect combination of Pilates and Mantra affirmations to motivate, move and inspire you to feel and become your best self.

(A Physically Moving Meditation)

Awaken & Compassion Meditation Cluster

55 min

*A selection of mindfulness practice for stress-management and to reduce negative emotions for self resiliency, good feelings, and positive daily functioning.

*Chosen based on client's needs at the time of session.

Chakra Meditation

55 min

Vitality is restored and energy can flow easily through the body when the seven chakras harmonize your emotional physical and spiritual self.

Book your Pilates Session today!

Gain immediate access to pain and inflammation relief. Regain strength while also reducing fatigue. You can feel better all over, and it's the best stress buster ever!


Starting with a private session is highly recommended to understand the fundamentals of Pilates prior to joining a group session already in progress.


Happy Clients

Because this pandemic and my approaching birthday have turned me into a big ball of emotions, I just have to say THANK YOU for inviting me to be part of Pilates and Perception. I can't tell you how much it has helped me in my self healing journey.

A.K. Pilates and Perception

My lower back pain/hip pain has become almost non-existent since committing to workouts with Tanesha 3x a week. Best investment I ever made in MYSELF and because of COVID and ZOOM and I am now able to save myself three trips to Brunswick a week and have more time at home by working out virtually! LOVE IT!

B.W. Pilates

My A1C went down 0.2%! I am down 11 lbs and 2 inches off of my waist!

A.A. Pilates

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